Hello, I am

A digital professional focused on user experience and project management.

I worked in the advertising industry for five years and fell in love with design systems.

Today I work as a freelance designer and project manager to help businesses with digital projects.

If you like what you see and want to work together contact me through LinkedIn

Multiple improvements on the Essent website made this utility company grow it's customer base and save costs

Rebuild and improve the Design System in Figma and align it with the codebase

To showcase all running Mercedes-Benz promotions, we co-designed and built a fresh platform with a sturdy back-end

Why managing projects is a lot like building sandcastles

An inbound marketing setup to nurture HR professionals towards a meaningful partnership with SD Worx

When Infrax and Eandis merged into Fluvius, I helped design the new brand guidelines and components for a digital ecosystem

Us 90's kids should consider ourselves lucky.

We are the last generation to have known and to have used both analog and digital technologies.