Hello, I am

Here you can read all about my work for Fluvius.

When Infrax and Eandis merged into Fluvius, I helped design the new brand guidelines and components for a digital ecosystem

Project scope

Delivery of UX guidelines and components for a merged company with lots of legacy applications.

My role

Lead workshops with stakeholders
UX/UI design
Documentation of the Design System

While I was working at BBDO, this project was my first encounter with "Design Systems". It got me hooked on the idea, and defined my further career.

Looking back, this design system certainly is not my best work. We delivered a PDF file. We did not integrate our designs into the codebase. Printed documentation for a digital product 😳

But, you got to start somewhere. Since then I've learned a lot about design systems, Figma, Zeplin, Sketch, Invision, Abstract,...

Excerpt from the pdf - color definition
Excerpt from the pdf - typography
Excerpt from the pdf - buttons
Excerpt from the pdf - basic form fields
Excerpt from the pdf - complex form fields